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E500/ 7 / ESD 

ESD Flooring / Anti-Static Flooring
Ecotile 500 ESD can be used as your primary ground and is guaranteed to give SD performance for the life of the tile. The electrostatic dissipative (ESD / EPA) interlocking floor tiles are ideal for use in electronics and telecommunications factories, computer server rooms, production plants such as pharmaceutical, paint, petrochemical and certain food production facilities with risk of dust explosion.

Product Insights

Composition & Manufacture:
ecotile available in 7 mm ESD is manufactured from tough PVC compound incorporating millions of tiny stainless steel metal fires. ecotile has excellent wear characteristics, and good chemical resistance. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the stainless steel fibres may be visible on the surface of the tile. This is unavoidable and a fundamental part of the manufacturing process that ensures optimum ESD performance.

Performance & Test Results:
ecotile 500/ESD has been independently tested:

New E500-7 (Utility Joint)-01 (1).jpg
  • Surface resistivity: 2.2 × 104 1 to 3 x 106 g

  • Resistance to ground: 2.9 x 104 M to 5.7 x 105 g

  • Electrostatic Propensity: < 10 Volts / < 2.0 kV

  • Static Decay at 15% humidity; 0.01sec

The test results guarantee that ecotile 500/ESD complies with British Standard BS EN 61340-5-1:2016 and IC 61340.

  • What types of environments are suitable for Ecotile flooring?
    Ecotile's industrial flooring solutions are suitable for a wide range of environments, including factories, warehouses, computer server rooms, retail outlets, schools, colleges, commercial garages, workshops, and public leisure buildings. These floors are engineered to withstand the demands of busy facilities and can last for decades, providing a reliable and durable flooring solution.
  • How tough and durable is Ecotile?
    Ecotile solutions are specifically designed for tough working environments, ensuring durability. Heavy-duty vehicles such as HGVs, forklift trucks, and other machinery can confidently operate on Ecotile floors. If you have concerns based on previous experiences with epoxy flooring or similar materials, our customer care team is available to address your queries. Additionally, you can refer to our technical information and support documents for further details.
  • Can Ecotile withstand heavy machinery and traffic?
    Yes, Ecotile is designed to endure heavy machinery, including HGVs, forklift trucks, and other industrial equipment. The flooring system provides a robust surface that can handle the challenges of busy working environments, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • How long can I expect Ecotile flooring to last in my facility?
    Ecotile's industrial flooring solutions are built to last for decades, providing long-term reliability in demanding environments. The robust construction and durable materials contribute to the extended lifespan of Ecotile floors, making them a cost-effective and sustainable flooring choice.
  • Are there specific industries or applications where Ecotile is particularly effective?
    Ecotile is versatile and suitable for various industries and applications, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, educational institutions, commercial garages, and public leisure buildings. Its adaptability and durability make it an excellent choice for environments with high traffic and heavy machinery use.

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