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Ecotile Accessories: Ramps, Corners & Line Markings for a Safe & Functional Workspace

  • Safe Transitions: Ecotile ramps provide a gradual incline for smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians between different floor heights, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

  • Enhanced Safety: Line markings clearly define walkways and traffic lanes, separating pedestrians and vehicles to prevent accidents.

  • Durable & Easy to Maintain: Made from high-strength materials, these interlocking accessories can handle heavy traffic and require minimal cleaning to keep your industrial floor looking sharp.

  • Improved Organization: Color-coded line markings can be used to designate specific areas or hazards within your workspace.

  • Seamless Finish: Ecotile ramps and corners create a smooth transition between tiles for easy cleaning and a professional look.

       Order your Ecotile accessories today and create a safer,           more organized, and functional industrial space!

Product Insights

  • Ecotile Ramp (ER7): 500mm x 125mm x 7mm > 1mm

  • Ecotile Corner (EC7): 125mm x 125mm x 7mm x 1mm

  • Ecotile Line Marking (EL7): 500mm x 100mm x 7mm > 1mm


To finish off exposed tiles safely in doorways or round free standing areas the E500/7 and E500/10 tiles are available with connecting ramps and corners in the same colours as the tiles. They can be fitted quickly and easily in the same way that the tiles interlock creating a safe edge for pedestrians and vehicles to move on and off the ecotile floor. For the E500/7 range we supply PVC diminishing strips available in light grey, dark grey and black. These are stuck to the edge of the tiles and the floor to create a safe edge.


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